What Tourists Need To Know About Nightlife In Chiang Mai

Interested in getting to know about the nightlife in Chiang Mai Thailand ?

In the spirit of full disclosure we will not be going over any of the illicit activities that take place in Chiang Mai or how to find them, so if that is what you are looking for then unfortunately this is not the site for you but if you are looking for fun then you are in the right place. 

During the course of this article we will also be providing tips on safe destinations while traveling, while the majority of people in Thailand are very gracious there is a criminal element like every other place in the world so you really need to exercise caution and good old fashioned common sense.

Boy Blues Bar has received a large number of positive reviews from tourists all over the world while the majority of these positive reviews are from the UK and Australia if you are looking for the perfect mix of music and ambiance then you should check out Boy Blues Bar which can be found on Soi 6, Chang Klan Rd right in the middle of a night bazaar.

Directions to the Boy Blues Bar.

Boy Blues Bar – Chiang Mai Thailand

Aside from great music Chiang Mai also has a large number of clubs in the old city area, these clubs are some of the best in the world, providing patrons with an open air atmosphere that will surely help people relax and shake away their stress. Some of the more popular bars in this area include Zoe in Yellow but it is an area that has to be explored to be fully appreciated.

Zoe in Yellow - Chiang Mai Thailand

Zoe in Yellow – Chiang Mai Thailand

Aside from the bars Chiang Mai has some really great food so we are going to spend a few moments looking at the various dining opportunities that are available. Thai food is healthy and very easy on the pocketbook but it can get rather expensive fast so what you need to do is work your way up.

When visiting Thailand for the first or first of many times one of the questions that will come up is where are some of the best places to eat, we could give you an extensive list but part of the fun of being a tourist is to explore the area on your own. 

Chiang Mai Offers a Variety of Restaurants.

Chiang Mai Offers a Variety of Restaurants.

A great way to determine whether a particular stall or restaurant is a good choice or not is to look at the number of local Thais who go there. If the restaurant is filled with mostly expats then it may not be providing an authentic Thai experience but if the venue has mostly local customers then they should be a viable prospect.  Just remember the Thais love their chili so be prepared for some really spicy food so if you are not accustomed to spicy then you should start with simple dishes like pad thai and stay away from the tom yum soups, at least for now.

Tom Yum can be very hot if your not used to spicy food.

Caution! Hot!

Alternative Forms Of Entertainment

While Chiang Mai has an eccentric bar scene it also caters to a variety of different lifestyles and interests. One example of this is the Ansuarn Market Ladyboy Show, Thailand has one of the largest “ladyboy” populations in the world. If you have never seen one of their shows you should put it down on your list of things to do while in Chiang Mai.

"Ladyboy" Cabaret shows can be found in various places.

“Ladyboy” Cabaret shows can be found in various places.

This show attracts ladyboys from all walks of life, some of them are drop dead gorgeous and others do not leave much for the imagination. In either case if you are interested in experiencing this subculture without dealing with the sexual tension it creates then you should check out the ladyboy show.

Galleries To Suit All Tastes

There is a plethora of galleries available that should please even the most demanding tourist. Some of these galleries include the Sangdee Gallery and old Chiang Mai center to name a few. What makes these centers appealing is how they give you insight into the history of Chiang Mai and Thailand itself.

Chiang Mai tourist map

Map of Chiang Mai – The Square Denotes The Old City

Things To Keep In Mind

While we are only scratching the surface on what this area has to offer but we would be doing a great disservice if we did not address some of the risks associated with travel in Thailand. 

Drugs are treated seriously in Thailand so if you are tourist who uses recreational drugs or are thinking about smuggling drugs into or out of the country you should reconsider, this country has some of the harshest anti-drug laws in the world.

Chiang Mai has an excellent nightlife and you really need to make it a priority to visit here as often as possible.

Have any advice for life in Chiang Mai, let us know in the comments.

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