You won’t believe this seemingly abandoned town!

From a birds eye it would seem as if the town of Coober Peddy is abandoned, with respite to only a select few, however this town has a thriving underground population of which was reported to be around 3500 citizens, due to extreme temperature conditions residents of this town live underground!

The vantage point that an eagle views Coober Peddy


Although this may seem absurd to many, these underground households (also referred to as dugouts) offer comfortable living temperatures naturally, besides protecting citizens from the harsh weather conditions above ground, living underground also drastically reduces the citizens carbon footprints as there is no need for  air conditioning nor heating!

A representation of the underground rooms in Coober Peddy

Why Coober Peddy you may ask? Well the answer is simple Coober Peddy also known as the “Opal capital of the world” is the supplier of majority of the world’s gem-quality Opal with over 70 opal fields Coober Peddy is the largest Opal Mining area in the world!

A sign warning citizens of mining holes.


So what will a tourist do for fun in this town you may ask? Well from the picture below you may have guessed it, golf is one of the most popular recreational activities one can partake in this town however this just isn’t any ordinary golf, playing on a turf with no grass besides that of which one uses to tee off, oh and did I mentioned this is a game played at night in this town, with the use of glowing golf balls, this town definitely goes for originality in their perspectives of golf!

A picture of the grass used for tee off in golf in Coober Peddy

Just to give an example on how excessive not only the temperature but also the environment of Coober Peddy can be, below we have a table that shows the annual climate report for this town!

Annual Climate Report


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