Looking to stay productive while still having fun and enjoying your travels. It can be hard to keep productive whilst travelling, all the different opportunities for entertainment can often become distracting, instead of working you will often want to go explore the country you are in and enjoy the various forms of activities that, Read More

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a warm paradise for a while ? It’s getting to winter now in Cape Town and the temperature is starting to drop. The winter rains are beautiful here but the cold weather can be quite bad. It’s a great time for red wine next to a fire,, Read More

Each year more than five million travelers visit the city of Chiang Mai. As opposed to places like Bangkok & Phuket, Chiang Mai doesn’t have any coastlines. Nevertheless, while this might put off a few of the travelers, there are a number of travelers who visit Chiang Mai for the several other things which, Read More

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