Review: Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Luxurious accommodation with a great view of the Petronas twin towers in Kuala Lumpur. Renaissance Hotel KL is a great way to spend a week.

We booked 7 nights at the Renaissance Hotel in Kuala Lumpur through Air Asia Go with a very decent discount after booking our flights into Kuala. The hotel looked great on paper, 5-stars, it had a pool, and it was close to KLCC (which I loved the first time I was in Kuala Lumpur). We had just checked out of a regular old 3 star “layover hotel” near the airport and arrived at Renaissance Hotel a couple hours early. We asked for a room with a view of the Petronas towers and we got one. They warned us it was near the elevator (no problem, less walking) and we couldn’t have a double and only a twin (again, the beds are easy enough to push together).

Since we were early we head to the temptations restaurant to enjoy some lunch. The menu was decent and the prices were average for a 5-star hotel (average for a 5-star is obviously nowhere near “budget friendly”).  I had the Salmon pizza which was a bit rich but otherwise enjoyable. The service was a bit slow in this particular restaurant (unlike the rest of the hotel). The hotel had our room ready an hour early so we headed there after lunch.


The room itself was incredibly large and comfortable, it was not ultra modern like you find in new hotels, but actually very comfortable. Thick carpets, comfortable beds with fantastic linen and a decent bath/shower combo.

IMG_20150802_142336 IMG_20150802_142437


The bathroom had a single basin, phone, audio speaker with volume control linked to the TV and all the regular supplies (toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, body lotion, soap and conditioner). Some bubble bath would have been great but that’s a personal preference.

Our room had two 3/4 sized beds with some of the most comfortable linen and pillows I have had since I left South Africa (I miss that linen). The bedside console controlled all the lights, however, some were unplugged on our arrival, after plugging them in things behaved as normal.

We could not complain with the great view of the Petronas Towers

View from the Room

We had a couch for the litItle man to sleep on and requested some extra linen for it. They did not charge as the extra bed fee which is great, and he slept very well and we didn’t lose space to the rollaway bed.

The desk was comfortable to work on, however, I placed a pillow on the chair and the seat was a bit low. An ethernet cable is supplied, I couldn’t use it because we have no devices which take ethernet anymore. If I had an ethernet port I would always go for cable.

The TV had a decent kids channel and a music channel which played some pleasant relaxing lounge-style music. This is great with the speaker in the bathroom as it gives you a nice space to unwind. For the rest of our viewing, we just plugged our laptops in on HDMI and streamed like we always do.

The hotel’s amenities and common areas were fantastic. We had a wide selection of restaurants, bars and common areas to sit in.

The WIFI in the hotel worked exceptionally well and we had no real issues with it. I found the DNS to be a bit slow, but I am a fussy internet user. Our average speeds were between 20 and 30mbits both on upload and download.

Speedtest on Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Wifi

Speedtest at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur

I did most of my work at the pool area and eventually the staff and I were joking around about my work schedule and my limited break times (it’s been a busy month).

Working from the pool area

Step into my office

We were lucky enough to be staying there during the first ever KL City GP. The second turn of the race was at the hotel so we had a front row to the action on all three days. Our room gave an excellent view of the straight and the cars.

We ate lunch on our window sill!

View of the KL City GP from our room

The hotel is located across the road from the monorail station so getting around is quick and easy. Bus services are also available outside the hotel, however with the Grand Prix being on most of the bus stops were blocked off by race barriers. We did take the bus back from the KLCC once but ended up having to get off further down the road.

Service at the hotel was great. We had one electrical problem and they had it fixed in minutes. All other requests were prompt. They did let us down on the babysitting service and we nearly lost of reservation at the spectacular Dining in the Dark. However with some facebook work and a patient taxi driver we managed to make it.

Yummy room service at Renaissance KL - food was great.

Room service at Renaissance KL

Overall I would highly suggest Renaissance Hotel and definitely return to it if I was looking for something luxurious, or to relax with far less than normal travel stresses.

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