How To Stay Productive While Traveling The World

Looking to stay productive while still having fun and enjoying your travels.

It can be hard to keep productive whilst travelling, all the different opportunities for entertainment can often become distracting, instead of working you will often want to go explore the country you are in and enjoy the various forms of activities that they may offer.

This is not a bad thing at all, on the contrary it’s the exact reason why you are there travelling the world in the first place. However, just because you are exploring, travelling the world and learning about new countries, this does not mean that you have to sacrifice your working productivity, rather all you have to do is find balance between work and play.

Today we are bringing to our readers some of the tips and tricks that may seem rudimentary but have proven to actually work for us , if you have any of your own tricks that have worked for you feel free to comment and give us your thoughts and feedback.


Keep a steady pace, don’t race!

What is the point of travelling the world, if you don’t enjoy it at your own pace, learn to slow down.

The biggest problem we are facing as Digital Nomads is travelling without a visa has certain restrictions, including the period of time one can stay in specific countries. However this does not mean that the pace has to move beyond our control, balancing the lifestyle between work and play is not easy however it is important.

Define a schedule when you arrive in a country, that allows you to explore the country but still keep work in mind. Set times devoted to working and times devoted to enjoy exploring the country you are in. Do not try cram countless activities in a day already packed with work but spread it out, nothing can ruin a trip more than having to rush everything because of work waiting at home, or having to work 24/7 and not being able to enjoy the new surroundings you are in. Keep it balanced, healthy and enjoy your time at your own pace.

Connect as soon as you arrive!

To most Digital Nomads, or really anyone travelling and working being connected to the world is vital, it is essential to remember that connecting to Wi-Fi access points in places like the  guest houses where you staying or other local points  may not be reliable, especially in peak hours.

Ensure to get a local SIM, with local bandwidth sooner rather than regretting it later. Most countries this is easier than it sounds but that does not reduce the priority of it! Wi-Fi hotspots often fail or have restrictions which limit your ability to make your working time productive.

Work in an environment best suited for you.

Although a lot of people do not realize it, being in a comfortable working environment is one of the easiest ways to promote productivity. Things like the working in the correct temperature (ensuring the office or working space is neither too hot nor too cold) and increasing natural light instead of relying on fluorescent lights (which are proved to increase sleepiness over a period of time ).

I don’t think anyone can complain about natural light…

Reducing noise is important too, it is hard to focus when there are children screaming in your ear (trust me), or if you have to listen to cars hooting in traffic all day. So when you choose your workspace, be it in a shared office or internet café, ensure that you are completely comfortable in the environment to ensure productivity levels remain at the highest possible rate. Also if you work mainly on internet, try ensure that you have a decent connection to the internet, there is nothing more frustrating than having a slow connection while trying to get work done!

I would also suggest switching it up fairly often, escaping the monotony of the normal 9 to 5 life is the reason a lot of people become digital nomad, don’t switch from one 9 to 5 to another.

Rise and Shine!

It’s always hard to give up the extra bit of sleep however for travelling if you are looking for a way to maximize both productivity and efficiency this is definitely a habit change you should consider undertaking! Most travelers don’t like to wake up early, so in the terms of being a tourist you will not be missing much.

Waking up early provides you with a calmer more peaceful working environment, as well as the highlight of it, internet will be faster due to low usage, the cool weather conditions will also improve working efficiency and performance. If you can develop a good morning routine, say 3-4 hours in the morning a bit more In the evening all that time in between can be used for you to explore the country and enjoy yourself!


There’s a clear pattern in this survey run by Wrike

Keep your life charged!

In this day and age, keeping your phone charged is almost next to vital for various reasons, from the business side mainly keeping quality communication standards with clients, often when travelling you find yourself with a phone that is next to useless, in a city you don’t know, with no way to tell if there are urgent matters you need to take care of, avoid all of this extra stress by investing in a decent portable power bank and charging it every night.

This is a powerbank, life is not complete without one

This is a powerbank, life is not complete without one.. or two.

A phone charger should also have a home next to your bed so when you wake up your phone is fully charged too. I generally keep everything plugged in while working and leave my phone charging in my backpack (using the power bank), this way when I do want to use it for videos and photos, or someone needs to get a hold of me, it’s ready to.

Loosen up and give yourself a break!

Sometimes you can become so involved in work that you forget one simple fact, we are all humans, work cannot and will not remain productive if it is done in constant excess. Studies have shown that working longer than 48 hours per week has no real benefit. Avoid overworking yourself, instead, focus on working only when your at your productive peaks.

Working Hours vs Productivity

Working Hours vs Productivity

The best way to counteract ineffective working (overworking) is often just to pause, take a step back enjoy your scenery go out for a bit; reassess what needs to be done and then keep striving to perform your best, keeping focus on the goals you have set out to achieve. Again this goes back to balancing your lifestyle, always remember that these factors are proportional the one can only effectively exist if there is the other.

Synchronize and Centralize!

This may sound as one as the same, which is why we put it together, however there are small differences, essentially ensuring all your devices are synchronized, is vital for ensuring that no matter what happens there is always a multitude of ways relevant data can reach you. 

We utilize tools such as Zendesk and Trello to keep tasks, issues and todo lists tracked and then Slack ($100 free credit when using that link) to communicate and bring together updates from other people and systems. All these tools offer mobile apps too, so everything is available at a glance.

Slack offers tons of integrations so you can keep everything in one place

Slack offers tons of integrations so you can keep everything in one place


Remember to find what works for you, your productive time should be just that, productive. If you not getting anything done, take a step back and try later.

Set short manageable goals and try schedule your work so you are not worrying about it when you are out having fun.

Have any good tips for remaining productive while traveling the world? Let us know in the comments.

Ross Clarke is an avid lover of technology. He is currently the CTO of a software services start-up in the telecommunications space. His current interests revolve around productivity, travel, working around the world and the finer things in life.

4 Comments on “How To Stay Productive While Traveling The World

  1. Completely agree with the getting up early bit. It’s amazing how much I can get done before others are even out of bed..

    • I seriously battled with this the first two weeks after leaving “home”. It was so easy to wake up late due to timezones, but once you force yourself to start waking up a reasonable time you find the mornings amazingly productive. I now feel guilty if I even sleep in a little.

  2. Great article,

    I fully agree about early mornings.

    The killer for me is working on Fiverr, so timezones have no meaning. It’s urgent and 8am somewhere when I am ruined at 11pm! lol

    I no longer work now, I simply have a lifestyle that involves me using my computer! That’s how I sell it to myself when I am bashing out a blog post on a dull subject!

  3. that’s a pretty clear pattern ahah ^^

    i also think working too much is not a good thing, without talking about 4hours a week (seriously…), you don’t need to work 60 hours a week neither

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