How to become a digital nomad (video)

This is a really great presentation on “How to become a digital nomad by making simple websites” by Thomas Howard. Going from an idea to execution, refining the execution and ending up with an optimal way to finance his lifestyle. Thomas funded his learning by doing paid work and figured out a great way to fund a year in Thailand.


Do yourself a favour and think of a skill you possess, then try see what subset of that skill you can use to make a few dollars. Maybe on elance, fiverr or oDesk. Make a small commitment, nothing large. If it doesn’t work well, then you are still where you started. In the case above Thomas learnt that 3 to 5 page websites were his perfect position, which is a really tiny niche, but a small subset of a large amount is perfect.

Think of one thing you could do, then start small by doing a small piece of that puzzle. Once your comfortable, scale up a bit, build a reputation and some references and scale up a bit every time.

Ross Clarke is an avid lover of technology. He is currently the CTO of a software services start-up in the telecommunications space. His current interests revolve around productivity, travel, working around the world and the finer things in life.

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