Flying on a budget.

Travelling is not as expensive as one would think. Often people will convince themselves of the false interpretation of “Hey look, he is travelling, he must be a millionaire to afford those plane tickets”, but the honest truth is it really isn’t as expensive as one would believe.

Now don’t get me wrong, certain places will be steep to visit, this is not a blog about being able to go onto any singular flight and save the majority of the cost. Rather this is to show how to keep an eye out for deals, specials and discounts for transportation via planes, ways that have worked for countless in the past, ways that will work for you.

Well, enough of the getting your attention process, let me get to the part you are actually reading this for, how to find the cheapest flights, when is the best time to fly and why.

First off, starting with the bare basics, if you are looking to save a fortune on flights, you will have to sacrifice comfort in the sense of time and days, for instance, it is strongly recommended to avoid public holidays, school vacations and even weekends. These are popular tourist times and therefore, the prices are inflated whilst if you book during the week you will save money.

Booking a flight at uncommon times (the times were you would want to be sleeping, generally, if you are anything like me this would be dangerous due to my “I love sleep” policy), is a great way to save money, as these flights can be heavily discounted compared to the busier hours, due to the inconvenient hours and less demand for these times.

Often, airlines will promote cheap seats far less than that of expensive, more appealing seats. It is important to spend time on sites such as, which takes your destination and compares the different prices over various websites, returning the cheapest possible flight available for you at the dates that you entered. You can even setup a price alert to monitor for price drops.
Another great tip for the more involved travellers is to sign up with airlines, for discounts and points, this is useful if you will be travelling often as it can lead to cheaper – sometimes even completely free flights as well as upgrades in flights / hotels, discounts in certain hotels etc, etc.

We are still learning every day how to travel cheaper, however, we have discovered that once applied, there are so many different ways, one could not hope to capture them all. If you have new techniques that you want to share, please feel free to get hold of us or if you would like to see more tips to guide you on your travelling experience!

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