Travelling is not as expensive as one would think. Often people will convince themselves of the false interpretation of “Hey look, he is travelling, he must be a millionaire to afford those plane tickets”, but the honest truth is it really isn’t as expensive as one would believe.

New Zealand, Waitomo Caves, Glow worms! On the north island of New Zealand, resides a large tourist attraction with the name of Waitomo Caves, famous for its population of glow worms, this particular species, “Arachnocampa Luminosa”, is unique to New Zealand. They are on average the approximate size of a mosquito (although thankfully not, Read More

From a birds eye it would seem as if the town of Coober Peddy is abandoned, with respite to only a select few, however this town has a thriving underground population of which was reported to be around 3500 citizens, due to extreme temperature conditions residents of this town live underground!

Interested in getting to know about the nightlife in Chiang Mai Thailand ? In the spirit of full disclosure we will not be going over any of the illicit activities that take place in Chiang Mai or how to find them, so if that is what you are looking for then unfortunately this is, Read More

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a warm paradise for a while ? It’s getting to winter now in Cape Town and the temperature is starting to drop. The winter rains are beautiful here but the cold weather can be quite bad. It’s a great time for red wine next to a fire,, Read More

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