A few secrets to know when flying.

Travelling is always exciting, most certainly even more so for international destinations, the excitement starts with the flight itself. With amazing service, brand new pillows – wait did you think they were new, not quite. Did we also mention the fantastic service, made even better if you happen to tip that friendly air hostess – haven’t done that for a while now have you.

Worry not, the digital nomad has unearthed some tips told by everyday pilots that may help, hinder, or prepare you for that of your next flight. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

The water – is not necessarily clean, fresh water.

When on a plane, if you are concerned about the cleanliness of the water, it is highly advised to stick to bottled water, avoiding any tap water as well as coffee and tea as these may not be fresh water.

A small kind act goes a far way.

Now we are not implying that you will get bunked up to first class, however, showing a kind act towards an air hostess on a flight – especially so during the longer flights may help you go a long way in terms of service and friendliness during your journey.

Your bags go through a throb of mobs.

A large worry, often, while travelling is the concern of will your bag arrive, and when it does will everything that was in it, be unruffled through and present. Your bag goes through a fair amount of people before arriving at your destination, leaving it vulnerable to thefts. It is wise to purchase a lock for yourself. Also, try to ensure, that the most valuable of your possessions remain on your person during the flight.

Don’t consider your tray table a plate.

Often you may be tempted to empty your bag of sweets, peanuts or other delights onto the table, perhaps sort them out and then eat them, we strongly recommend that you avoid doing this. Often parents may change their children’s diapers on these tables and they do not get washed on a regular basis.

That good cell-phone myth.

Although people we have encountered widely believe that having your cell phone on during takeoff and landing has no effect on the plane whatsoever, this is slightly incorrect. It is true that phones do not actively deconstruct accuracy of the equipment on the plane. A large congestion of phones, however, can lead to slower information flow for the pilot. This is similar to trying to join a free wifi, but there are too many people using it so it’s ridiculously slow.

Those landing that seems a tad too rough.

If you are an active flyer. You may seem to feel that during certain flights, the landings seem a bit harder than they ought to be. This is indecently done on purpose by the pilot, done mainly during bad weather to avoid hydroplaning.

Travelling with your favorite pets.

Although there are certain forms of medication that you can provide for your animals to rest a little bit more comfortably on the plane. It is considered a terrible idea for you to take your pets on board a flight. There is nothing that will help protect them from the high noise levels, due to the general overly keen sense of hearing, this may lead to trauma for your pet. Which you most certainly would not want!

Ahoy mates, from the sky!

Similar, in regards to captains of the sea (through vessels, of course, no pirate kings here), have the same abilities whilst in the air, this refers to the right to arrest people, during the flight. As well as, the ability to take the last will and testament of a dying passenger.

Pilots forced to be stingy with their food.

Under no circumstances are pilots allowed to share their food during the flight, this is due to avoid potential contamination between both pilots. While we are in a flight, we wouldn’t want both our pilots to be man-down due to a particularly nasty stomach bug, now would we?

Those masks that save lives.

When oxygen masks are dropped down. You have approximately 15 – 20 seconds before you will pass out, rather than risking passing out and being able to help nobody. First, ensure that your mask is secure then proceed to help those around you that may be struggling.

Those dark-night landings.
There is a reason for the dimming of lights when it is night or very low visibility weather. These help to ensure that your eyes adjust to the level of brightness in precaution towards an emergency landing or evacuation. This helps ensure that you are able to see once out the plane, which we may add is particularly nice if you end up in an icy ocean in the middle of nowhere!

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