Travelling is always exciting, most certainly even more so for international destinations, the excitement starts with the flight itself. With amazing service, brand new pillows – wait did you think they were new, not quite. Did we also mention the fantastic service, made even better if you happen to tip that friendly air hostess – haven’t done that for a while now have you.

Worry not, the digital nomad has unearthed some tips told by everyday pilots that may help, hinder, or prepare you for that of your next flight. Let’s have a look at a few of them. Read More

Travelling is not as expensive as one would think. Often people will convince themselves of the false interpretation of “Hey look, he is travelling, he must be a millionaire to afford those plane tickets”, but the honest truth is it really isn’t as expensive as one would believe.

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We had the opportunity of visiting Dining in the Dark KL while last in Kuala Lumpur. Dining in the Dark is a concept restaurant where your meal takes place in a room void of all light. The idea is that your other sense are heightened giving way to new tastes and sensations. Read More

Luxurious accommodation with a great view of the Petronas twin towers in Kuala Lumpur. Renaissance Hotel KL is a great way to spend a week. Read More

New Zealand, Waitomo Caves, Glow worms!

On the north island of New Zealand, resides a large tourist attraction with the name of Waitomo Caves, famous for its population of glow worms, this particular species, “Arachnocampa Luminosa”, is unique to New Zealand. They are on average the approximate size of a mosquito (although thankfully not as annoying as mozzi’s!) This tourist attraction has a visitor center at the entrance, and also includes organized tours such as a boat ride under the glow worms! Read More

From a birds eye it would seem as if the town of Coober Peddy is abandoned, with respite to only a select few, however this town has a thriving underground population of which was reported to be around 3500 citizens, due to extreme temperature conditions residents of this town live underground! Read More